The Stress of Launching Your Next Big Idea

In this episode, we discuss launching your next big idea and how that can be stressful with our special guest, Lindsay Johnson.

Lindsay Johnson is a business coach who works with entrepreneurs that are struggling to grow their business. With over two decades of experience, she runs The Radical Connector where she combines her strategic, action oriented program to connect you deeply to yourself and your business for big growth. She teaches entrepreneurs what to do to grow their business their way.

We discuss:

  • The emotion of overwhelm and how to deal with it
  • How to make actionable plans that aren’t overwhelming
  • Preventing overwhelm as you put your plans into action
  • The best + worst times to do a launch
  • Celebrating wins + small steps along the way

You can connect with Lindsay in her Facebook Community Rad Connectors:

Rachel's Burger Blog can be found at:

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