The Skinny On Google Analytics & Why You Need It

In this Episode, Holly and Rachel discuss what Google Analytics actually is, why you need it installed, and what kind of data it can give you.

They talk about:

  • Google being the #1 search engine, so they have a system to offer the best pages to those searching online
  • Google now offers these insights with us for FREE!
  • learn who is visiting your site, their location & gender, what they are searching for 
  • hear about Rachel's custom tool to customize her dashboard for a quick view report
  • use Google Analytics for your website, social media, YouTube, etc.
  • learn who is buying your products, which products they view the most, age & location of your buyers, etc,
  • discover what pages your viewers are visiting on your website, as well as where they exit

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About the Author

Web Women

Holly and Rachel are two Canadian women in tech. Holly is a Shopify and marketing expert who loves meditation and long hikes. She is married with two kids and two dogs living on a farm in rural Alberta. You can reach her at Rachel is an online presence strategist and web developer who loves physics philosophy and snorkeling. She is also married with two kids and a fat cat in a bungalow in Toronto Ontario. You can reach her at

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