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Web Women is a members-only group exclusively for Canadian women who offer digital services

Annual membership is $49


Being a digital warrior goddess in the True North is not always easy. And let’s face it, we don’t always feel like a warrior or a goddess as a Canadian in a global industry where women can sometimes be marginalized.

The pressure to be and do all things when a client requests a project can leave us feeling stressed, stretched, and burned out.  If a project is beyond our skills or capacity (there are only so many hours in a day), we could hire a team but it doesn't seem practical to invest a lot of time in finding, hiring, and training people if we only have a small amount of projects that need it.

There are lots of communities to support small business owners, but they all contain your potential clients. That makes it difficult to ask industry related questions in a group forum without fear of being judged by potential (and current) leads.

We created Web Women to be a place of collaboration and growth for Canadian women who offer digital services. Because we know the value of having people to call on for support.

Hi, we’re Holly and Rachel, the co-founders of Web Women.

People think we’re competitors because we’re two digital marketers who offer services to growing businesses. 

But we know business is big enough for all of us and we'll grow faster and stronger together.

We kept our separate businesses with different clients and marketing, but we joined forces to create this community together. Through our fun-filled conversations, both personal and on our podcast, we recognized there may be others like us. Others who enjoy collaborating with other women in the same industry.

Read the whole story here.

Why Web Women is unique

If you are a Canadian woman who runs a business that offers digital services to other businesses or organizations, this community is for you.

Client Free

Most groups for small business owners contain your potential clients because you offer a B2B service. Web Women is only for women who run digital service businesses. Because everyone in the community offers similar services, your clients are unlikely to be in the group. This means you can feel comfortable asking tech, industry specific, or client related questions without worrying you'll miss out on a sale.

Canadian Women

We created a safe space where Canadians (and permanent residents) who identify as women can feel welcomed, supported and respected in this global industry. We have a strict code of conduct in place to ensure that our membership is a place free from drama, harassment, or judgment. Our desire is for you to find friends here that you can connect with over video chat or in-person if you're in the same town.

Collaborative Zone

This is a supportive and collaborative environment where you can ask questions on anything from troubleshooting to growing your business. You'll get answers directly from your peers who have been-there, done-that. You can chat with like-minded women about your wins and challenges running a digital service business. Or find amazing women to collaborate with on projects if you need to subcontract.

membership benefits

Agency Pods

Collaborate to create a team when you need it, and activate the power agencies have without the stress of running an agency

Public Directory

A directory of members where clients can easily find your business. Check it out here: Web Women Directory

Business Visibility

Visibility for your business on our directory, podcast, and social media channels

Water Cooler

Banish loneliness and get advice around the digital water cooler through conversations with women in the same business as you

Group Productivity Hours

Scheduled group sessions for productivity, accountability, and support with what you're working on


In-person retreats with like-minded women to help inspire and rejuvenate your business

Live Chats

With industry professionals

Private Group Forum

Hosted right on Web Women so you can take a welcomed break from Facebook

Members only content

Coming Winter 2019

I love having women I can connect with


"I love having a group of women at all stages of their business I can connect with. I can get advice from those who are a bit more ahead in their business, and give advice to those who might not have the experience I do in a certain area. It allows me to both share and learn, and I'm a big fan of both!"

Who can join?

There are requirements our members must meet in order to be active in our community. 

Requirements to join

In order to be a member of the Web Women Community, you must:

  • Identify as a woman 
  • Be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident 
  • Have a Canadian mailing address
  • Own a business or are a freelancer that offers digital services
  • Pay the annual membership fee (currently $49 CAD plus tax)

Digital Services

Members must offer one or more of the following services. Those include: 

  • Web Design
  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Website UX/UI
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Sales Funnel Building
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Management
  • Pay-Per-Click Ad Management 
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Digital Marketing

Membership Fee

per year

$49 membership fee in Canadian dollars and allows access to the community for one year from date of purchase. Applicable taxes are added at checkout and are calculated by province.


Limited time bonuses

Bonus #1

Lifetime Access

Sign up before midnight on November 23, 2018 to be entered to win lifetime access to the Web Woman Community. Winner will not need to pay for membership renewal for as long as they want to be a member. Winner will be chosen at random and notified by November 30, 2018. Odds of winning depend on how many members sign up before then.

Bonus #2

Fee Lockdown

Sign up before November 30, 2018 and lock in the membership rate of $49 for as long as you renew your membership. If our membership price goes up, you won't have to pay extra to remain an active member. You have the option to only $49 for your annual membership fees if you sign up before the end of November 2018 and maintain an active member in good standing.

common questions

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per year

$49 membership fee in Canadian dollars and allows access to the community for one year from date of purchase. Applicable taxes are added at checkout and are calculated by province.